Controlling Condensation and Reducing Humidity

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve recently replaced your home’s windows or not, you may have already noticed a layer of condensation or moisture on the glass panes, typically in the morninghours and seasonally throughout the year as the weather tends to warm up or cool down.
While condensation itself is nothing to be worried about, there can be times when it can be a cause for concern for homeowners.

What is the Cause of Window Condensation?
Condensation usually takes place when the fully saturated air comes in contact with a colder window’s glass surface. Since during the summer monthsthe glass of your windows is one of the coolest surfaces on the exterior of your house, it is a natural place for condensation to occur.It can alsohappen in the months of winter if you live in a region witha cold climate, the humidity is likely to be generated from an indoor source with winter window condensation.

Here are a few of the ways to reduce humidity levels in your home:

• Make sure to shut off any household humidifiers including the furnace humidifier. Humidifiers help to bring moisture into the air and they are often used during the colder months to help with dry skin, scratchy throats, even asthma and allergies. These humidifiers can sometimes add too much moisture to the indoor air which can lead to condensation on the window panes.
• It is very important that you ventilate your home regularly. Make sure that there is a steady flow of fresh air in your home for a few minutes each day.
• Try running the exhaust fans for a longer duration of time and more often. This is another great way to ventilate your home in order to combat humidity.
• Place a dehumidifier to the basement of your house. A dehumidifier will help in pulling moisture out of the air which will, in turn, lower the humidity levels. This can be an ideal solution for people living in humid climates as well as places with climate that experiences hot and humid summers.
• You will also need to properly vent any humidity producing appliances such as clothes dryers and gas burners to the outdoors. This will allow the excess moisture to escape further reducing the humidity.
• Dry your clothes outside. If you have the opportunity, try to leave your clothes outside to dry in the natural warmth of the sun instead of running your clothes dryer. This is also very healthy for the fabric of your clothes.

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